The History of A&W Stamp Collection

We are not aware of the design process, the paper that was used,  the method of printing, overprints/underprints, gums, separation, or even identify the forged or faked one, but I love collecting postage stamps.

It all started when I saw a book of collection found by my grandfather in the house we are about to demolish. I stare at stamps and it seems that every piece tells a story, a history of success and failures. A masterpiece pact in a small piece of paper that showcases legendary subjects. On the 25th of December 2012, Abbey, Chat and I visited Singapore Philatelic Museum. Hey! I am so surprised that Abbey collected some stamps before and the rest is a wonderful past that leads us start to accumulate postage stamps.

Most of the stamps we have in hand was given by my siblings and friends. It is mandatory for them to bring us those small artwork in exchange of free stay in our flat here in Singapore. Haha! Some was given by beautiful souls who are so dear to us.

In this hobby, you may tell me that I looked like a scavenger in an our office, keep on eyeing to the letters coming in to our office. Instead of throwing the used envelopes in their trash cans, my colleagues will automatically give to me to look out the pasted stamps. Ha!

In each blog post, you can check-out if that is for trade, for free to give away or just for display.

I hope that this blog will help some of the philatelist out there. Hey guys, lets bond together!